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AMPRIA Post-Operative Rigid Dressing



  • Used in the acute care setting and during early stages of rehabilitation following transtibial (below knee) amputation procedure. Appropriate to provide protection, support, knee extension and gentle compression of the amputated residuum to prevent excess edema and begin shaping for future prosthetic application.



  • Universal size fits ALL patient needs

  • Cost-effective design allows hospital stocking, cost comparable to customized knee immobilizer

  • Immediate fitting by the prosthetist after amputation; Gas sterilizable.

  • Ventilated and Lightweight for patient comfort

  • Customized to constantly fit the patient during rapid volume changes—no need for excess sock ply.

  • Soft design prevents pressure wounds as seen with rigid plastic devices.

  • Hygienic- easily removed for inspection and cleaning.

  • No free pieces to lose in this modular design.

  • Customized patient bag with donning tube, amputation sock and shrinker sock included.


Utilization Protocol

  • For use at all times after transtibial amputation surgery.

  • Remove to inspect dressing at least 2 times per day or according to the surgeon’s orders.

  • Remove the single sock and inspect dressing. Report any drainage (signs of blood visible through bandages) to your nurse and therapist for inspection and recording.

  • Apply ONE clean soft amputation sock over the dressing--this sock should be checked (and/or changed) twice per day. Pull all wrinkles out of the sock.

  • If the dressing has been changed or the bandaging de-bulked please contact Prosthetist for an adjustment to the PROtec®


We will be able to provide you the same personal attention while you receive the highest quality of care available.

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